Best Sports Betting Apps in Canada

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Best Sports Betting Apps in Canada

Looking for a good sports betting app in Canada? We have the answer!

Our sports betting apps guide compares the best sports betting apps, as well as lists any other information you might need when betting on mobile.

Let’s get started!

The Top Betting Apps in Canada for 2021

If you want to bet on mobile, there are two options to choose from.

You can use your browser to access a mobile-optimized site, or you can download a mobile app.

But which option should you choose? We’ve summarised the pros and cons so that you can make an informed choice!

Pros and Cons of a Mobile-Optimized Site

All Sportsbooks Have the Option

No Notifications for Offers

Pros and Cons of a Downloadable App

Can Activate Notifications

Can Be Slower than Browser Site

Might Need Multiple Apps per Brand

Not Available for all Sportsbooks

As you can see, choosing one of the two options boils down to personal preference.

For the rest of this guide, we’ll focus on downloadable apps, but do keep in mind that every site we recommend has an optimized mobile site if you prefer to use that.

Top Features When Choosing Betting Apps

What makes a good mobile app?

First of all, most requirements that apply to the best betting sites are kept in mind when reviewing apps.

That is, we expect the sportsbooks to offer competitive odds, good bonuses, safety, and a range of betting markets.

On top of that, we add a few extra requirements for mobile:

Easy Navigation

On the smaller mobile screen, it’s imperative that navigation is as user-friendly as possible so that everything is within easy reach.

Fast Loading Time

A common issue with sports betting apps is that there might be some lag and the app is slower to respond than an in-browser. We make sure to test this and let you know if we experience any slow-loading pages.

Same Experience as Desktop

We don’t want a downloadable app to offer only half the options of its desktop version. We expect the best sports betting apps to deliver the same product that we would access via desktop or browser.

Now that we know what makes a good betting app, what should you keep in mind when downloading an app? Let’s take a look.

Storage Size

Betting apps can take up a significant amount of space, which is why you should check for the app size before downloading. As you will see later on in this guide, you can expect the app to take up to 100MB.


Up until a few years ago, checking for iOS and Android compatibility was a big thing as some apps were only developed for one operating system.

Nowadays, it’s no longer an issue as the best sports betting apps are usually compatible with both systems.

However, you should still check to see if the betting app is compatible with your Android and iOS version and that it meets the minimum software requirements.


Do you want to have live streaming? Or an H2H (head to head) comparison between teams? Are you looking for partial cashout?

These are features you should list so that you can easily eliminate any sports betting apps that do not meet your requirements.

Continue reading below to get an overview of all this and more for each of our recommended betting apps.

Betting Apps Overview

How do our selected sports betting apps perform? Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Bet365 App

Bet365 is one of the leading sportsbooks in Canada for a reason. It offers competitive odds and a wide array of sports and betting markets.

It’s also one of the top sportsbooks when it comes to ongoing promotions and offers, with plenty of seasonal offers to avail of.

Our experience navigating the Bet365 app was excellent. We found the app to practically mirror the desktop experience, with easy navigation and most elements just one click away. We also experienced no lag when switching between tabs.

Bet365 App Navigation
Navigating the Bet365 App

There’s also TouchID available to enhance the security of the app and protect your account from hacks.

The one downside is that you need to download multiple apps to access different verticals. Therefore, if you feel like playing a slot game, or a poker game, you need to download extra apps that cover just that.

How to Download the Bet365 App

Downloading the app is super easy!

  1. Access Bet365 on mobile.
  2. Once the homepage loads, scroll down towards the bottom of the page.
  3. Press ‘View all Bet365 apps’ and download the relevant one for you.
how to download bet365 app
How to Download Bet365 App

Take note that the Bet365 sports app takes up around 50 MB of space on your phone.

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Betway App

  • All Verticals in One App

  • Excellent Navigation

  • Easy Download

  • Noticeable Lag

Betway has a lot of positive features to boast of. It’s known for its frequent enhanced odds and varied promotions.

It also has a comprehensive cashout feature that clearly indicates which bets are eligible for cashout.

Betway Canada is also one of the best eSports options in the country, with a range of betting markets available, along with specific eSports promotions.

Unlike Bet365, Betway’s mobile app covers both the sports and casino verticals, so there’s no need to download multiple versions of the app and you can easily switch tabs between different products.

betway app navigation
Switch between Different Products on Betway

Aside from that, Betway offers excellent navigation and we had no problem navigating the app. We particularly liked the bottom menu that gives you instant access to promotions, your bets, and other important features.

betway app menu bar
Betway App’s Menu Bar

One thing that lowered the quality of our experience was a noticeable lag when switching from one thing to the next, and not something we experienced on the in-browser mobile site, or on desktop. We feel that Bet365 performed better in this aspect.

How to Download the Betway App

  1. Access Betway on mobile.
  2. When the homepage loads, start scrolling down. You will find a section on downloading the Betway app. Click on the link.
How to download Betway app
How to Download Betway’s App

And that’s it! A file will download and you can install it on your phone. Betway app uses up around 100MB of storage, so make sure to leave some space prior to installation.

Best for eSports

Get started with a welcome bonus when you download the Betway app!

22Bet App

  • Multiple Verticals in the Same App

  • Full Section for Statistics

  • Quick Download

  • Limited Access to Promotions Page

You can’t go wrong with 22Bet, which is known for low payment limits, good payment variety, and a large selection of promotions.

It also has a solid casino section, with over 100 game providers offering games on the 22Bet platform.

More than that, we love the 22Bet app! It’s a very fast and smooth app that allows for quick switches from one tab to the next.

The other piece of good news is that you can also access the casino section from the same app.

There are other user-friendly features that can come in handy. For instance, you can switch on notifications and favourite a particular event.

22bet user friendly features on mobile app
Switch on Alerts on the 22Bet App

22Bet also has a full section for statistics and match breakdowns, which can help guide you with your next bets.

If there’s one complaint we need to make about the 22Bet Canada app, it would be the access to the promotions page.

While the promotions page is easily accessible on the desktop and mobile browser versions, we found it impossible to access it on the app.

How to Download the 22Bet App

Downloading the 22Bet app just takes a few seconds.

  1. Access 22Bet on mobile.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage. Click on ‘mobile applications‘.
how to download 22bet app
How to Download 22Bet App

An app file will automatically download and install on your phone. You need around 100MB of space for the 22Bet app.

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Bet99 App

  • Available in One App

  • Light and Dark Theme

  • Quick Download

  • Can Be Slow

Bet99 is a newer addition to the Canadian sports betting market, and its focus is solely on Canadian bettors.

Therefore, you can expect to find all you need for sports like ice hockey, football, and basketball.

Bet99 also has one of the best varieties of promotions and bonuses. Its welcome bonus alone is one of the biggest amounts in Canada at the moment.

Bet99’s app allows you to access both the sports and casino sections.

The navigation is user-friendly, also thanks to Bet99’s extensive filters that help you filter through the hundreds of games and sports available.

Top Tip!

You can also switch between light and dark theme on the app, which is a nifty feature that a lot of users will appreciate!

Unfortunately, we did find the app to be somewhat slow at times. We hope that this is because it’s still a work in progress and that the app will be updated soon.

How to Download the Bet99 App

On the plus side, downloading the app is straightforward.

  1. Access Bet99 on mobile.
  2. Open the side menu. You will get a popup to install the app.
how to download bet99 app
How to Download Bet99 App

The Bet99 app only used up 269KB of storage on our phone, which makes it one of the less bulky apps.

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Unibet App

  • Smooth Navigation

  • Fast to Load

  • Straightforward Download

  • Requires Multiple Apps

There’s a lot going for Unibet Canada. Although its strong point is soccer, there’s a full range of sports and betting markets to choose from. It also has generous odds boosts on a lot of markets.

Unibet is one of the few Canadian betting sites to offer free live streaming, which you can also enjoy on mobile after you log in!

Like Bet365, Unibet requires the download of multiple apps to access different verticals like casino and sports.

On the plus side, the sports betting app is fast and has smooth navigation. The menu at the bottom helps you access everything you need in a couple of seconds.

Unibet mobile app navigation
Mobile Navigation at Unibet

How to Download the Unibet App

Not sure how to download the app? You just need to follow these couple of steps:

  1. Visit Unibet on mobile.
  2. Open the menu on the left-hand side. Select the ‘Apps’ tab.
how to download unibet app
How to Download Unibet App

The Unibet sports app takes up around 70 MB of storage space, and you might need more storage if you want to download other apps like Unibet casino.

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Bet on Mobile Today

Throughout this guide, we’ve seen that there are plenty of legitimate sports betting apps for Canadians.

Which betting app you choose is ultimately dependent on your personal betting needs. Get started on mobile today by picking one of the best Canadian options:


The best sports betting app depends on your personal preferences, but we higly recommend betting apps like Bet365 and Betway. You can check out our full list for Canada in our guide!

International betting sites are all legal to play at in Canada. This includes Bet365, Betway, 22Bet, and more. Therefore, any brands that have apps are completely legal.

The easiest way to download sports betting apps is to access the sports betting site on mobile and download the app directly from there. You can usually find a link to download the app at the bottom of the homepage. We suggest you check out our list of the best sports betting apps and make your choice.

Check the storage space you will need for your chosen betting app. Moreover, double-check that it’s available for your device.

Author: James Mills