Betting and eSports Site Launches in Ontario

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Rivalry – Betting and eSports Site Launches in Ontario

An internationally regulated sports betting and media company – Rivalry, has launched their betting site in Ontario!

Now that Ontario residents can finally access Rivalry’s full sportsbook, let’s see what it has to offer!

What Is Rivalry?

Rivalry is one of the world’s leaders in sports betting and entertainment. It officially launched as a company in 2016 under the Northern Territory Racing Commission (NRTC) license.

Headquartered in Toronto, it has business operations in more than 20 countries across the world. Now they’ve finally launched their platform in Ontario, their home market!

Here’s what Steven Salz, co-founder and CEO of Rivalry said about the launch:


Steven Salz

We do things differently at Rivalry. We are aiming to be the sportsbook for the next generation through engaging content and innovative experiences that entertain and create loyal fans of Rivalry who come back for more. To launch in our home market feels like a dream come true, and a very significant milestone in our creation of a leading global brand.

Rivalry offers betting in eSports, traditional sports and also has its own casino game—Rushlane. With a healthy double-digit month-over-month growth, it seems like this sportsbook has an opportunity to turn into something big!

Is Rivalry Available in Ontario?

Rivalry Corporation has received approval to launch its online gaming and betting business in Ontario. The approval was issued jointly by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and iGaming Ontario, a subsidiary of the AGCO.

Good News!

The platform has officially launched on April 4, 2022, and is now offering its gaming services to all Ontario customers.

The sportsbook was launched on the same day PointsBet became available in Ontario.

What Will Rivalry Offer Canadians?

Apart from the casino game Rushlane, Rivalry offers betting on traditional sports like basketball, hockey, boxing, and others.

It also has a massive section dedicated to eSports, with bets on global eSports competitions like CS:GO, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. It also provides its customers with all the latest updates in eSports and traditional sports activities.

Rivalry Odds vs Other Odds

Rivalry offers competitive odds for eSports, which are among the best ones in the industry.

Since the odds always depend on the events and tournaments, it pays off to compare them with the competition. Let’s see the odds for the LoL Top Esports vs Victory Five match:

Top Esports Victory Five
Bet365 2.20 1.61
Rivalry 2.03 1.79
LeoVegas 2.00 1.75
Unibet 2.00 1.75
99Bet 2.00 1.72
Top Esports vs Victory Five Odds Comparison

As you can see, Rivalry offers the best odds for the favourite, while Bet365 offers the best odds for the underdog.

To put it into perspective, a $100 bet on Victory Five would get you a $179 payout at Rivalry and $161 at Bet365.

The pattern was similar with other matches we checked, and both Rivalry and Bet365 had better betting odds than other sportsbooks. Which one is the best for you will depend on who you want to bet on.

Rivalry eSports

eSports has globally attracted a dedicated audience looking to cash in by correctly predicting the outcome of online games. Rivalry caters to this audience by offering betting odds for the most popular eSports games, now with the option of single-event sports betting, including:

CS:GO LoL Call of Duty
FIFA NBA 2K Starcraft 2
Rocket League Valiant Hearthstone
Rainbow 6 Dota 2 Overwatch
Single-Event eSports Betting at Rivalry

Moreover, there are focused and concise news articles, analyses of both teams, and high-definition streaming for each eSports game.

One of the added advantages of Rivalry is that it also offers a live betting and live streaming services.

Apart from that, Rivalry supplies its customers with all the relevant statistics and details to make an informed bet. So, to sum it up, Rivalry aims to offer an unparalleled experience when it comes to eSports betting.

Rivalry’s Rushlane

What Is Rushlane?

Rushlane is a multiplayer eSports casino game developed and owned by Rivalry Corporation. It’s a racing-themed game operating on the concept of Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO).

It puts individual customers in an automated racing game against up to 24 real players for a huge prize pool.

Players pay an entrance fee and then race against each other through a sci-fi landscape with traps and challenges. The first player to cross the finish line wins the lion’s share of the prize pool, while up to five more players also get a share.

All racecourses are constantly updated, so no two races happen on the same track.

The game combines multiplayer racing, casino gaming, cutting-edge 3D graphics, and innovative storytelling. All the games are live-streamed on the website so that players can play together from any device.

Rushlane also brings to the fore the experience of social gambling and community outreach in online sports.

Will Rivalry Be Available in Other Canadian Provinces?

At the moment, Rivalry has legal approval for betting only in Ontario. Ontario is also the only Canadian province with a regulated market for private operators. Hence, it is likely that Rivalry will not be able to expand its presence in other Canadian provinces anytime soon.

Rivalry Alternatives

If you can’t access Rivalry, here are some alternatives we love.


As of April 4, 2022 all customers in Toronto can place a bet on Rivalry’s platform.

Rivalry has obtained a gambling license in Ontario, including Toronto. It became one of the first fully approved betting operators in Ontario, along with PointsBet and the ScoreBet Subsidiary.

Yes, Rivalry offers sports betting in hockey, American football, tennis, basketball, baseball, MMA, volleyball, soccer, and boxing. It further offers sports betting services on various esports platforms.

Author: James Mills