Is Betano Legal in Canada? | Latest Updates

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Is Betano Legal in Canada? | Latest Updates

Betano is a fairly new online casino owned by the fast-growing Greek tech company Kaizen Gaming.

On August 17th, it acquired the official Alcohol and Gaming Ontario (AGCO) license.

What does that mean for its future in Canada?

Is this a safe, reliable brand Canadians can look forward to betting at?

We’re answering all those and many other questions you might have about the operator’s legal standing in Ontario and the rest of Canada.

Let’s see what the future may hold for this operator!

The rest of the Canadian online betting market isn’t as regulated as Ontario’s.

While offshore operators are still not able to legally offer their services in other provinces, they’re not forbidden from doing so, either.

offshore operators are available

In fact, many of these brands are easily accessible and allow Canadians to place bets.

That’s not the case with Betano. Currently, neither Ontarians nor residents of other Canadian provinces can access Betano.

No Canadian option for Betano yet

Whether that will be the case all up until it becomes a legal option for Ontarians, we’ll see. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to update you!

Canadians still cannot access Betano, but there are plenty of available legal options to bet at instead.

Each of these online betting sites have an official iGO license, meaning they’re legal in Ontario, safe, and reliable.

Many of them are also available in other Canadian provinces!

Betano has had some issues in the past regarding responsible gaming.

Namely, the operator had to repay a customer to whom they allowed to wager more than the legal monthly limit in Germany.

But this shouldn’t deter anyone from betting at Betano once it’s legal in Canada.

Canadian laws

Betano cannot legally offer its services in Canada until they prove they can follow the Canadian rules and regulations regarding safety and transparency.

In order to do that, the company needs to acquire an official iGO license.

Once they do, we can start counting them among the safe and reliable online betting operators in Canada.

The list of operators that have applied for an iGaming Ontario license is long and growing by the day!

Now that Betano has been approved by the AGCO, nothing stands in the way of them applying for an iGO license. This would allow them to legally offer their services to Ontarians.

We hope to see Betano on the list of legal brands in Ontario by the end of the year! As soon as they acquire an iGO license, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Author: James Mills